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Ayurleaf Herbal Capsules

Approx Price: Rs 185 / Piece 

Much before we discovered that man made Ayurleaf Herbal Products chemicals in a laboratory can provide us with instant but temporary relief from our health problems, we relied on Nature. Nature had the answers to all our problems be it something as mild as a pain in the stomach or something as severe as enhancing one’s prowes without disrupting our bodily functions or damaging our organs.


  • Composition: Aquetic
  • Brand: Ayurleaf
  • Packing: 60 Capsules


Other Details:

  • Somewhere down the line, man chose convenience over complete well being and today, we rely heavily on Allopathic medicines.
  • Allopathic medicine which can cause irreversible damage to your body in the long run in some cases!
  • Here, we help people understand about the potency of powerful natural herbs and herbal products. (Ayurvedic medicines)
  • In simple terms, we help make people healthy, the right way.
  • We are Ayurleaf.

Herbal Weight Gainer USA

Approx Price: Rs 185 / Bottle(s) 
We are manufacturer and supplier of Herbal Weight gainer for USA and Europe .

Herbal Medicinal Products

Approx Price: Rs 50 / Bottle(s) 
Herbal Medicinal Products - European Commission Medicinal products for human use European Commission - EU legislation on pharmaceutical products for human use also applies in general to traditional herbal medicines.

Herbal medicinal products are defined as any medicinal product, exclusively containing as active ingredients one or more herbal substances or one or more herbal preparations, or one or more such herbal substances in combination with one or more such herbal preparations.

This simplified registration procedure is intended for herbal medicinal products with a long tradition, which do not fulfil the requirements for a marketing authorisation, in particular those requirements whereby an applicant can demonstrate by detailed references to published scientific literature that the constituent or the constituents of the medicinal products has or have a well-established medicinal use with recognised efficacy and level of safety (so-called "well established use").

The simplified procedure allows the registration of herbal medicinal products without requiring particulars and documents on tests and trials on safety and efficacy, provided that there is sufficient evidence of the medicinal use of the product throughout a period of at least 30 years, including at least 15 years in the Community.

With regard to the manufacturing of these products and their quality, applications for registration of traditional herbal medicinal products have to fulfil the same requirements as applications for a marketing authorisation.

In view of the particularities of herbal medicinal products, a Committee for Herbal Medicinal Products (HMPC) has been established at the European Medicines Agency. A major task for the HMPC is to establish Community monographs for traditional herbal medicinal products, and, with the objective of further facilitating registration and harmonisation in the field of traditional herbal medicinal products, prepare a draft list of herbal substances which have been in medicinal use for a sufficiently long time, and hence are considered not to be harmful under normal conditions of use.

List of herbal substances, preparations and combinations thereof for use in traditional herbal medicinal products

With a view to further facilitating the registration of certain traditional herbal medicinal products in the EU, a list of herbal substances, preparations and combinations thereof for use in traditional herbal medicinal products has been established on the basis of the scientific opinion of the HMPC. As regards the safety and efficacy of a traditional herbal medicinal product, applicants can refer to the list. However they would still need to demonstrate the quality of the medicinal products they seek to register.

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